"Oxspring Parish Council's mission is to Retain, develop and enhance the quality of life in Oxspring"


Oxspring is a small but growing village community of under 500 households nestling in the eastern foothills of the Pennines a short journey from Barnsley and the M1. Sheffield, Wakefield, Leeds and Manchester are all within a 30 miles radius.

Oxspring Parish Council’s Response to the Proposed Oxspring Fields Development

In April 2015 Yorkshire Land Ltd circulated a document to residents and businesses in Oxspring proposing a development to be known as “Oxspring Fields” on land to the east of the playing fields. Since then several requests have been made by YLL, or their representatives PB Planning, asking to meet with the Parish Council and/or members of the Neighbourhood Plan group. All requests to meet to discuss this proposal with YLL have been refused for the following reasons. Firstly, all the land in question is in the Green Belt and as such cannot be considered for any development by Neighbourhood Plans. Secondly, the land in question is in the Parish of Hunshelf, not Oxspring, although a small proportion is within the Neighbourhood Plan boundary.

The original Neighbourhood Boundary was extended to include some of the green belt land but the intention was never to use that land for development purposes. Advice was sought from BMBC Planning Department the essence of which is reproduced below.

Extension to Neighbourhood Plan Boundary Area.

In December 2014 Oxspring Parish Council approached Hunshelf Parish Council to seek permission to further extend the Neighbourhood Plan Boundary. This was to include land in their parish, in line with the intentions in the Consultation Draft Indicative Policy Areas and Proposals Document January 2015. This request was agreed to and permission was then sought from BMBC. One objection to this extension proposal was received from Yorkshire Land Ltd who wanted to extend the NP boundary even further, to include the whole of the proposed “Oxspring Fields” development site. After due consideration BMBC formally approved Oxspring’s extension request and rejected Yorkshire Land Ltd’s objection on the following basis:

  1. Barnsley Council approved the Oxspring Neighbourhood Plan Area. This does not include the vast majority of the site “Oxspring Fields”. The Neighbourhood Plan for Oxspring cannot make provision for land outside of the approved Neighbourhood Plan Area.
  2. The reason for approving the area, and not agreeing to the representation on behalf of Yorkshire Land Limited, was set out on the officer decision record. The proposal by Yorkshire Land Ltd that the Neighbourhood Plan Area should be extended to include all the land in the Oxspring Fields Proposal was rejected by both Hunshelf Parish Council (in whose parish the area is sited) and by Oxspring Parish Council. Barnsley Council could only consider agreeing to extend the Neighbourhood Plan Area to include the area proposed by Yorkshire Land Limited if Hunshelf Parish Council gave their approval. They did not do so.
  3. The National Planning Policy Framework is clear, at para 83, that Green Belt boundaries should only be altered in exceptional circumstances, through the preparation or review of the Local Plan. As such, the Neighbourhood Plan may not alter the Green Belt boundary in order to allocate land for residential development.

In addition, BMBC have consistently maintained that they will not be taking the site forward as an allocation in the Local Plan due to the fact it conflicts with their spatial strategy, which retains the settlement hierarchy approach found sound when the Core Strategy was adopted. Furthermore, the site was not identified as a resultant parcel when they carried out their Green Belt review.


“Full and in-depth information relating to the proposed development on the eastern edge of Oxspring, facilitating aspirations of the Parish Council and its Neighbourhood Plan Group”


The above statement appears on Yorkshire Land's Oxspring Fields Development website, and the Parish Council and members of the Neighbourhood Plan group are concerned that it appears to suggest that the proposal facilitates the aspirations of the Parish Council and the residents of Oxspring.


We have asked Yorkshire land to remove the statement from their website but through their planning consultants PBP they have emphatically declined to do so, on the basis that that they feel the development on Oxspring Fields would facilitate a number of the aspirations of the Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Group.


However, as Yorkshire Land have not yet had sight of our draft Neighbourhood Plan, which is not yet out for consultation, we feel it necessary to advise you that their plans to build approximately 100 - 150 new homes on the Oxspring Fields site in no way relates to our draft plan, and consequently does not conform to the aspirations of either the Parish Council, or the residents of the village of Oxspring. 


18th September 2015

Notice: Planning Application 2014/0482 - Land Adjacent to Millstones

This planning application for 4 detatched dwellings on land adjacent to Millstones submitted by Yorkshire Land Ltd was refused planning permission by BMBC in 2014.

In April 2015 the developer Yorkshire Land appealed to the Secretary of State against the decision to refuse to grant planning permission.

On the 1st September 2015 the Planning Inspectorate made the decision to dismiss the appeal. The details and reasons for dismssing the appeal can be read in the following document:

Resident News - Film Maker moves to Oxspring

Ricardo Lacombe who recently moved to Oxspring with his family, is a film maker, and he has made some very interesting films!  His latest release is a documentary about Great White Sharks. www.greatwhitesharklegend.com,  and the film he is currently working on has been partly filmed in Oxspring!
Although Ricardo has worked for some big names in the past, he is currently concentrating on his film work, and he thought other parishioners may be interested in his films.   He is also available for video work that anyone needs doing.  His website is www.ricardolacombe.co.uk

Oxspring Village Survey






First of all thank you to all those residents of the village who took the time to reply to our brief questionnaire relating to the above.  The questionnaire was sent out in response to the proposals sent out to some residents regarding Yorkshire Land's Proposals to build some 150 houses on land adjacent to Oxspring Football fields.


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Recent News

Oxspring Parish Council have recently objected to a planning application for 4 dwellings on land adjacent to Millstones, Oxspring. To view the Parish Councils objection comments please view this:

Oxspring Neighbourhood Plan Website

Update February 2014:
The Oxspring Neighbourhood Plan Group now has a dedicated website.
Please view http://oxspringplan.org.uk/ for all the latest news, minutes of meetings and updates on the Neighbourhood Plan's progress.

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