Parish Council


If you want to understand the role of the Parish Council please see our explanation of what we do.


Parish Council Meetings are held on Mondays from 7pm in St Aidan's Church. 

 There is a 10 minute adjournment for public participation at the start of business and everyone is welecome to come along and raise something to do with the parish.


You can view the next agenda and previous agenda on the Agenda Page


You can view the minutes of previous meetings on the Minutes Page


Current Membership of the council and contact details


A Parish Plan was agreed in 2003 which outlines the strategic objectives of the Council.

 The council is responsible for providing and maintaining a number of local facilities.


Under the Freedom of Information Act it is the duty of all public authorities to adopt and maintain a publication scheme.  The Information Commissioner's Office have introduced a new generic model from 1st January 2009 which Oxspring Parish Council has adopted.  This document explains what information is available to the public and how they can obtain it.


The recording of Parish Council meetings is permitted under the Openesss of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014. Any persons wishing to record at an Oxspring Parish Council meeting must adhere to the attached rules that have been adopted by the Parish Council.


Oxspring Parish Council Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme.doc44.5 KB
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