About Oxspring

The rural civil parish of Oxspring is situated in the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, England. The civil parish includes the hamlets of Clays-Green, Roughbirchworth and Storrs.

At the 2001 census it had a population of 1,048, increasing to 1,225 at the 2011 Census. 

South Yorkshire UK location map  South Yorkshire UK location map

Oxspring is a small but growing village community of around 500 households nestling in the eastern foothills of the Pennines a short journey from Barnsley and the M1. Sheffield, Wakefield, Leeds and Manchester are all within a 30 miles radius.
The major part of the village of Oxspring is situated to the south of the river Don. Sheffield Road (B6462) passes through the village towards the north side and the Trans Pennine Trail passes through towards the south side.

The village amenities include a post office, a combined C of E church and community hall, named St Aidan's, a primary school and three public houses, the Waggon and Horses on the B6462, the Travellers Inn on the A629 and the Smithy Arms located on Bower hill.There is a small amount of industry towards the northwest end of the village but much of the local activities centre around agriculture and farming.




Freda Shaw

It is with deep sorrow to announce that Freda Shaw, formerly of 2 East Road, Oxspring, passed away peacefully on Thursday 10th December.

Her husband, Trev, was by her side. She had been suffering with Alzheimers for a number of years.

The funeral will take place on 23rd December at St John’s Church, Penistone at 2.30 pm. Unfortunately, due to Covid rules, attendance inside the Church has to be by invitation only. 


Freda was elected onto the Parish Council by the community, a position she held for over 20 years, during which time her invaluable contribution to decision making and planning issues was appreciated by her Parish Council colleagues and village residents to whom she was always on hand and willing to offer help and advice.


Also during her public life in the village she was asked to set up a non-charitable group, subsequently called Oxspring Friends where she was voted in as Chair. She was also approached by Rev. Matthew Joy to set up the Pop in Group and alongside other volunteers it became a success. Freda instigated the ‘titivators’ which started off as a small group of local residents who ‘tidied up’ the village by litter picking, tidying up rough areas, bulb and rose tree planting. For over 20 years she organised twice yearly Charity Bonanza at Community Centre, Penistone, when she invited charities to organise stalls to raise money for their own charities.


Over the years she has touched the hearts and lives of many people, not only in the village, which she was passionate about, but also in the surrounding areas, and many people will remember her bubbly, friendly and respectful manner when they met her on dog walks along the many footpaths throughout the village.


Words cannot express the deep sorrow felt by her family, friends, colleagues and all those who met her along the way.




COVID - 19 Announcements

Oxspring Parish Council Meetings 

Please note due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the following arrangements will apply until further notice.

Meetings will be held remotely via zoom and will start at 7pm

There will still be a 10 minute slot on the agenda for parishioners to speak to the Council via zoom but by prior arrangement only. 

This can be arranged by contacting the Clerk with information about the issue that the participant wishes to raise. 

Due to limited time being available on zoom, the “public slot” will be restricted to Oxspring residents only.

Details of the meeting dates for 2021 can be found via this link.


Oxspring community support organised by Jane Harding.

I have made links with the school and PTA, the council, Age UK and the Pop in Club as to how we can support Oxspring residents in need( for whatever reason)

Firstly I have been in touch with Mrs Irwin, the headmistress at Oxspring School. The school have a collection of non perishable food which they collected for their Harvest Festival but which has not yet been distributed. The food was offered to any families who needed it but the offer wasn’t taken up, so supplies remain.

I am happy to work with school to deliver the food parcels to those in need so please send me a personal message of the addresses in Oxspring to which they are most needed.

Secondly we have talked about how we can make Christmas special for any Oxspring residents who will be sad, lonely or facing a difficult time over the festive period. It is after all going to be very different for a lot of us this year.

Again working with school we are planning to give small Christmas hampers to anyone who fits the above criteria and lives in Oxspring - the children are going to write notes and these will be given to the recipients with each hamper.

I know lots of you volunteered to help last time I posted - please let me know if you’d be willing to make up a hamper ( £10 - £12). I costed one up from the local supermarket ( other supermarkets are available!!! ) with a small Xmas cake, individual Xmas pudding, shortbread, chocolates, non alcoholic drink and a tin of ham - however you can of course alter if you wish, it can be helpful to have a rough guide!

Any ideas and suggestions welcome – or if you know of a resident who may need to reach out privately -personal message me or call on either 07899937842 or 01226 767682

Thank you



Cancellation of Parish Council Meetings

In light of the Corona virus and the fact that we are awaiting further advice from the YLCA.

Parish Council business will still continue as normal but without the face to face meetings scheduled.

All but extraordinary meetings have been cancelled. until further notice.

If you think that any council member can help in anyway during this present time please contact the clerk at clerk@oxspring-parish.com please follow the Government guide lines and stay safe


Public Rights Of Way information for users and landowners

Following concerns from landowners and householders who have public rights of way going through their yards and gardens BMBC have pulled together some information for users and landowners; and downloadable posters on their website see the link below.



General Announcements

Planning Application at Bower Hill

Planning application 2020/1033 for the installation of an access road and erection of a storage building off Bower Hill Road is now available to view and comment on via the Barnsley MBC website. (This is a part retrospective application). The deadline to make comments is the 8th December 2020.

The application can be view by:


Comments can be made to BMBC via above link or this is the link to go straight to comments:



Parish Council latest meeting 

the minutes of the September 2020 Parish Council Meeting minutes can be read here.


Oxspring Children’s Play Area

Please be aware that the play area will be closed for safety reasons on Wednesday the 14th October 2020 to allow for tree maintenance work to be completed.

Notices will be placed on the entrance gate in due course.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Summer 2020 Newsletter

Please follow the link bellow to view the latest Newsletter.


Also please be aware that the Parish Council meetings continue to be cancelled as Saint Aidens hall is unavailable for hire due to the current crisis.


Rural Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

To find out more about this scheme please click on the following link.



Parish Council Newsletter

The Winter 2019 Newsletter has been issued and can be viewed here on line.

The Parish Council are investigating more efficient and cost effective ways of distributing the newsletter if you are prepared to accept an Email copy as opposed to a hand delivered copy then please contact the Parish Council at clerk@oxspring-parish.com



South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) is currently working hard with local education providers, parents and youth community groups to promote concessionary travel for young people living in South Yorkshire and encouraging applications.

You can find out more information by following the link below then following the other links displayed in our post.



BMBC Public Waste bin Consultation

Barnsley MBC Neighbourhood Services department have recently carried out a public consultation on public waste bins.

They have consulted with the Parish Council, and the Parish Council have provided feedback on which bins are well used or regularly overflow.

They are also moving towards a policy of not having separate bins for dog waste as dog waste can be put in regular public bins.

BMBC have stated that where there are regular bins next to dog waste bins, the dog waste bins will be removed, and also where there is less than 20 meters between bins, then one will be removed.  As a result of the Consultation BMBC have identified 5 public bins in Oxspring that they wish to remove, and 1 new one that they will install.

Of the bins identified for removal in Oxspring, four are dog waste bins and 1 is a regular bin.  Three of the dog waste bins earmarked are located adjacent to a regular bin, therefore please put your dog waste in the regular bin instead.  The 4th dog waste bin earmarked for removal is at the top of the Trans Pennine Trail steps at the Roughbirchworth Lane entrance.  This bin is very well used, therefore BMBC have agreed to replace the dog waste bin here with a regular waste bin which will have larger capacity.  Lastly, there is 1 waste bin on Sheffield Road in the village centre that will be removed as there is less than 20 meters between two of the bins.

All bins will be numbered and monitored on an electronic system keeping track of when they have been emptied and whether they are overflowing/well used.


Village Planters.

As you are all aware there are a number of planters located around the village which are cared for by local residents.

Presently there is one planter which has not been adopted by any resident.

This is situated in the main square within the Willows and it would be nice if this was maintained by a resident living in that area.

An allowance can be claimed for plants and other materials towards the upkeep of each planter and each year they are entered into a competition and prizes awarded for those which are judge to be the best three.

Should you wish to maintain this planter please contact the Parish Council at email:  clerk@oxspring-parish