Parish Council Allotments

The Parish Council operates three main Allotment sites within the Parish.

They are situated at Clays Green, Roughbirchworth Lane and West Crescent.

The land was purchased by the Parish Council in 1988.

There is a waiting list in operation for these allotments as they are very popular.

Should you wish to go on the waiting list, please complete the form below and email it to

Or alternatively complete the form and post to:

Clerk to the Council and Allotments Manager

Stephanie Tolson

43 Nether Royd View, Silkstone Common, Barnsley, S75 4QQ.

Tel: 01226 792657


The Parish Council also controls the Willows allotments, where there are two regular plots the remaining being garden allotments for residents in the adjacent bungalow.

Each resident can choose to rent a plot and use it as an extension  of their garden.

Should the resident choose not to rent the area stays as a grassed area which is cut as part of the ground maintenance program.