Parish Precept

Parish and town councils have the right to raise money from their parishioners via the Council Tax process.

They do this by 'precepting' on the principal council who levy on tax payers in that parish or town as part of the Council Tax billing.

A Council Tax payer's bill will typically include a Council Tax charge for the county council, police authority, district or borough council and the parish council.

The Parish or town council hold a precept meeting and formally agree the precept, sign a form and return to their respective Borough Council (Barnsley in the case of Oxspring).

Information is requested by end of January to feed into a tax and budget setting meetings in February.

Once the district or borough council has established the tax base and precept for each parish or town council, the Council Tax that applies to each band of property in the parish is calculated.

This is done by dividing the precept by the tax base to establish the charge for an average band D property.

This charge is then added to the charges from the County Council, the relevant district or borough council and the Police Authority and a ratio applied to calculate the charges for all other bands.


The Precept for Oxspring for the year 2022 is valued at £21000

Listed below are the main items to which the monies are allocated in a particular year. 

Should you require clarification on any of the items listed please contact the Parish Council email:


Ground Maintenance contract  
Other maintenance  
Play area inspections  
Planters/hanging baskets   
Play area maintenance  
Room Hire  
Hanging baskets  
Willows planters  
Other small projects